How to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating

How to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating

Hire a private investigator in Washington, D.C. or Baltimore, MD for spousal surveillance and infidelity investigations.

Being suspicious of a potentially marital affair isn't the same as having hard facts proving it. When you're in the process of a divorce or need evidence for personal peace of mind, The Bucksell Group will find what you're looking for. We conduct mobile surveillance of your spouse using one or two field private investigators. Evidence is documented using the latest video technology, not only for the quality of the video, but to better suit your needs if a case is going to trial. Call 202-243-9746 to discuss your spousal surveillance needs in Washington, D.C or Baltimore, MD.

5 signs of infidelity

Don't let your suspicions keep you up at night. If you've noticed behavioral changes in your loved one, it's possible they may be unfaithful. Of course, it takes more than a hunch. Signs of cheating include:

  1. Changes in work routine
  2. Unexplained absences
  3. Changes in intimacy
  4. Suspicious phone usage
  5. Suspicious internet usage

When you're ready to stop worrying and wondering, contact The Bucksell Group to get the information you need from our infidelity investigation.

The benefits of hiring a private investigator

Going through a divorce is already hard enough. But if your divorce ends up in court, it could turn into a long legal battle against a lawyer that will attack every claim you make. By hiring a private investigator, you can...

  • Collect and compile hard evidence of your spouse's wrongdoings or adultery
  • Back up your case for child custody or monetary awards with facts
  • Get professional advice on how to move forward when dealing with a cheating spouse

We'll help you weigh your options and gather as much information as possible to help you build a strong case. We have years of spousal surveillance experience and can find information an untrained private investigator might not know to look for.

Arrange for a private investigation by calling us today.