Areas We Serve

Washington D.C. | Bethesda, MD | Rock Hill, MD | Silver Spring, MD | Ellicott City, MD | Clarksville, MD | Baltimore, MD | Annapolis, MD | Frederick, MD | Bowie, MD | Hower County, MD | Montgomery County, MD

Alexandria, VA | Fredericksburg, VA | Richmond, VA

Going Where Your Private Investigation Takes Us

Based in the Washington, DC and Columbia and Baltimore, MD area

Suspicious activity doesn't stop at state borders. That's why The Bucksell Group goes wherever you need us to. Our private investigation will begin in Washington, DC, Columbia, MD or Baltimore, MD but we don't stop there. Whether you're hiring us for spousal surveillance or a child custody investigation, one or two of our field private investigators will follow the person in question wherever they go.

We won't let go of your case just because the person we're watching leaves the area. Hire a private investigator from our team today.

Your case is under control

While we're based in the Washington, DC and Columbia and Baltimore, MD area, we have the resources needed to follow through on spousal surveillance, private security jobs and child custody investigations. All of the evidence is documented using the latest video technology. This makes your case more compelling when brought to court. Discuss your needs with an investigator from our team now.