Is he or she coming to Washington, DC or Baltimore, MD for a "meeting" or "conference"?

Are they having dinner with "friends"?

Where are they staying?

Rock Newman


Rock Newman is a beloved prodigal son of the DMV. He could also be described as an advocate for athletes, celebrities and the person on the street. Whatever words are used, Rock Newman is never described as anything less than engaging, sincere, energetic and caring. After a journey that has included stops in Las Vegas and Bermuda, Rock returns to the area he loves the most.

Dr. Ewart Brown

Former Premier of Bermuda

Dr. Brown is an internationally acclaimed physician. Dr. Ewart Brown was educated at Central School (Victor Scott) and Berkeley Institute in Bermuda; St. Jago High School in Jamaica, W.I., and at Howard University in Washington, DC, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He earned his M.D. at Howard's College of Medicine, and a M.P.H. from the University of California at Los Angeles. Dr. Ewart Brown is a member of several professional organizations. He has held such significant positions as Trustee of both Howard University and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, and Assistant Professor of Drew's Department of Family Practice.

After serving as Premier of Bermuda from 2006-2010 Dr. Brown returned to us in the capacity of Executive Chairman.

Stephen G. Canton


Stephen G. Canton is the former CEO, Chairman & Founder of iCore Networks, a privately held Unified Communications provider that seamlessly virtualizes office in the cloud solutions that provide world class end user capabilities at a fraction of the cost of maintaining in house systems under iCores flagship product CloudFUZN tm.

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The Bucksell Group: Just the Facts

Private investigators you can trust in Washington, D.C.& Bethesda, MD

When you need peace of mind, private security or factual information from an investigation, The Bucksell Group provides quality service for the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD area. We'll soothe your stress, whether you need to investigate a spouse or an ex, obtain information for a child custody hearing or protect yourself with a private bodyguard. Call (202)-243-9746 today to discuss your needs.

We'll get the information you need

When you request mobile surveillance, we'll send one or two field investigators to collect information. Evidence is documented using state-of-the-art video technology, so you have quality evidence that will stand up in court. Our team has experience with:

Don't conduct an investigation yourself and risk your own safety. Hire a professional investigator from The Bucksell Group today.

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Private Investigators in Washington, D.C. & Baltimore, MD that uncover the truth

Separation because of marital affairs or adultery can be hard and confusing for everyone in the family. When a child custody battle is also involved, it can take a toll on every person involved. At The Bucksell Group, we can help relieve the stress and pain by uncovering the truth and gathering all the evidence needed.

Our main goal is to make sure that you and your children are safely in the right hands moving forward. Don't allow adultery or marital affairs affect your children any more than they already have.

Contact The Bucksell Group today to find out more about our success and the next step moving forward.

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5 signs you need a private investigator

Hiring an experienced professional investigation team will get the results you're looking for. Consider utilizing the services of a private investigator if:

  1. You suspect a cheating spouse
  2. You need a background check of an employee
  3. You need to verify a workers' compensation claim
  4. You need to find a witness to a crime
  5. You need support in a child custody hearing

Don't lose sleep at night wondering if something is true or worrying about the facts you need. The Bucksell Group will find the answers you're searching for. Discover the peace of mind you seek today by working with a private investigator.