For the Love of Your Kids

For the Love of Your Kids

Get the evidence you need with a child custody investigation in Washington, D.C. or Bethesda, MD

Going through a divorce is never easy, especially when kids are involved. Unfortunately, your ex may try to punish you using any tactics available at their disposal, including dishonesty. During a child custody hearing, you need the facts on your side. For the safety of your kids, and yourself, The Bucksell Group will get the evidence you need for an impending legal fight. Our job is to provide the information you need so a judge can make the best decision for the welfare of the children. Call 202-243-9746 to discuss your child custody investigation with us.

What we look for

If an ex isn't paying child support, we will confirm employment. If you're worried about their behavior, we will provide assistance and evidence when:

  • Your ex is lying to the judge
  • Your ex is engaged in risky behavior
  • Information acquired supports your arguments

Don't make a child custody battle be more difficult than it has to be. Contact The Bucksell Group to get the information you need from our child custody investigation.

What our child custody investigations include

If you suspect your child is being abused or neglected, you want to make sure every possible angle is examined to uncover the whole truth. You can rely on our private investigator to conduct a thorough investigation. Our private investigator will include...

  • Interviewing potential witnesses such as neighbors, teachers, friends and other parents
  • Searching for assets the other parent might be hiding to shirk their financial responsibilities
  • Gathering evidence for a potential child custody court case, such as signs of drug or alcohol use, the presence of a romantic partner or neglect and abuse
  • Taking pictures and videos of the behaviors of the other parent to use as additional evidence in a potential case
  • Conducting background checks on the other parent and any people they have involved in the child's life

We take every private investigation seriously and will uncover as much information as possible. You'll receive a full report so you can make informed decisions about your child's future. Speak with our private investigator today to get started.