Is Your Loved One Missing?

Is Your Loved One Missing?

We can help you find a missing person in Columbia or Baltimore, MD or Washington, D.C.

If your friend or family member is missing, you're probably under a lot of stress. All you want is to find them and get them to safety. The Bucksell Group can help you by opening a missing persons investigation in Columbia or Bethesda, MD or Washington, D.C. Our field surveillance is handled by one or two investigators using the highest quality camera equipment. You'll be in good hands when you hire us to find a missing person.

Hiring a private investigator is the first step to bringing your loved one home. Speak with one of our team members now to learn more about our process.

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There are many reasons you may be hiring a private investigator. You could be dealing with a paternity suit or inheritance issue. Sometimes, children run away or relatives disappear. You may simply want to get back in touch with someone. Regardless of your situation, a missing persons investigation is a good idea.

You'll need to provide us with the legal name of the person you're looking for as well as much applicable information as possible. Any details you give us will help us find the missing person faster. We use creative and efficient investigative techniques and don't waste any time in beginning each search. We promise to do all that we can to find people.

Meet with our private investigator in Columbia or Baltimore, MD or Washington, D.C. today.